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Are you interested in the latest trends in hair cutting and hair styling?

Cutting hair is a very specialized skill that demands creativity, dedication and an eye, knowledge and understanding of fashion trends.

There are an innumerable number of styles and cuts for hair. Styling of Hair and facial hair is not methodical. The hair is of various qualities and characteristics based on type and can vary in relation to thickness, curliness, colour and suppleness. To manage and style hair requires training pertaining to technique and taste. We are a Barber school dedicated to the responsibility of cutting hair and the perfection of the trade.

At A1 Instructional Barbering plus Barber School we teach a barbering program that is in- depth. We impart education in the cutting of hair and the techniques of styling it. You will be provided a comprehensive training on managing hair of different qualities and the methods, technique and expertise of styling it.

At our Barber school, your program will include information and techniques in shaving and styling facial hair, the art of facial massage, cutting and coloring hair and its entailments as well as training on hair treatment and sciences. Allow us to introduce and nurture you in the field of fashion and hair specialists.
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